Hi my name is Bete and I’m a recovering perfectionist.

For over a year now, I’ve been “working” on revamping my website and creating the right platform to share all that I’m working on. From Real Estate Sales to Interior Design and everything in between. My marketing Guru, Steve, would ask me weekly for content and I’d just look up at him with deer eyes and my sob story of how I couldn’t make decisions… Basically totally paralyzed by my fear of this thing not being “perfect.”

And then one day, he sent me an email checking on the status of one of my assignments. At the end of his email he wrote, “ GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY.”

No happy face, no x’s or o’s.. no With Love.. nada. It was tough love at its finest.

At first, my reaction was to dismiss his comment and him for that matter…But then I kind of thought about it. I did a quick scan of my current projects, both personal and professional, and realized that I was at a standstill in every area of my life. Though I can be laser focused on my clients’ needs, when it comes to my own business and personal life, I can often get stuck.

I had been standing in my own way everywhere!

I started jotting down things I wanted to work on and personal goals that I started to work on and I realized I had a list of things that were being unattended to and/or forgotten. And then I spent a few minutes with each subject reflecting back on when and why I stopped working on it… and I realized that it was my inability to commit to a direction, in fear of it not being the right one (ie: perfect choice) that stopped me.

And so, it was at that moment that I decided to commit to finishing one of the items on my list within 24 hours…regardless of all the obstacles that may present themselves during that time period.

It was the most uncomfortable experiment ever… pushing through the doubt, the resistance to completion, all of these emotions were rearing their ugly heads… but one by one, I addressed them and moved on. I met my goal. It was an amazing feeling…

And then I moved on to the next one. Writing this blog. Oh the resistance!!!

I thought I was going to write about new beginnings… But I didn’t have it in me. Normally that would be enough for me to just not write altogether. But then I decided, I’m going to write the truth. And so here we are.

Most of you know me as a Realtor, Interior Designer, Jewelry Designer and/or Store Owner. I struggled with the fact that I had my hand in so many pots for years until I realized that there was a common thread that linked all of these things together. My appreciation for beauty in various forms and the adventures of finding these treasures. What I soon realized was that I am a bonafide Treasure Hunter!

Whether it’s a mid-century home, exotic spices or vintage jewels, the joy I experience finding these things is unexplainable. And the best part is pairing these treasures with people who never imagined it even existed or that it was possible to attain.

A friend of mine gave me the nickname Ethiopia Jones because of my love for the adventure of finding treasures… I think it’s pretty fitting. So this blog is going to be where I share my treasure hunting adventures… and how those treasures contribute to people’s lives.

Check in with me periodically to find out what trove I’ve stumbled upon…and for tips on how to Live Beautifully in LA.

Look at this… Blog Entry completed!

Now I can check this off my list 🙂



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