There’s magic underground

In the West Adams / Crenshaw District of Los Angeles is a Magical place that feels like more than a museum. According to it’s Facebook page, the museum describes itself as “a living, breathing piece of art that appeals to all of your senses. Dedicated to exhibiting museum-quality art to diverse communities for free, the Underground Museum upholds the belief that art is an essential part of a vibrant, just, and healthy society. As a cultural hub and urban oasis, it cultivates the hope that increasing access to art will inspire, educate, and transform lives.”

From the various art exhibitions to the gifts in the gift store to the incredible plants in the Purple Garden, the entire space (both indoor and outdoor), has been curated with the most incredible vision. This is one of the most pure and inspiring spaces you will ever come across in Los Angeles… Do yourself a favor and go visit the UM…you’ll thank me for it.